Nana, born in Ghana and raised in Germany and England, is an art historian, writer, and filmmaker. She is on a mission to represent African art culture more accurately and bring the talents of the African continent to the world stage. Her documentary focuses on the importance of making art accessible to everyone, regardless of wealth or education.

Fearless traveler embarks on a seemingly impossible quest to cross the deepest lake in the world located in the heart of Siberia. 3 days, 72 kilometers of frozen ice, a challenge that he never experienced before. Documentary that transmits an unforgettable sense of freedom, curiosity, challenge and expansion of personal borders.

An environmental activist embarks on a journey to raise awareness and engage people in ocean conservation, the Earth’s most vital life source. This personal story of a brave leader highlights what nature can teach us about resilience and its dynamic changes when free from human impact. It serves as an inspiration to take action and become more responsible for the planet than ever before.

The story of Ankit Desai, an artificial intelligence scientist and entrepreneur born in Mumbai, India, who transformed his life and became an entrepreneur with a dream to revolutionize the music industry for new artists using AI technology. His idea is to help people, regardless of their background, emphasizing the importance of hard work, talent, and unity.

As a professional racer and two-time Formula E champion, he is constantly racing against time, both on and off the track. The quicker the lap, the better the race, and the greater the pressure. This story explores how he perseveres through the most challenging moments and continues life’s race despite all obstacles.

Environmental scientist and activist Jane Da Mosto, born in South Africa, arrived in Venice 25 years ago with a mission to protect the livelihood of its lagoon and the living city. This city, considered one of the most beautiful in the world, is in danger due to human impact. By creating a foundation that unites the younger generation, she inspires others to take care of our livelihoods, our planet, and our home.